Vestibular Therapy Training

On demand and in person training to help you advance your skill set, grow your practice, and most importantly improve your patient's quality of life.


Are you a busy clinician and from time to time you get stuck not knowing what to do about someones dizziness? Or, you are confident in your skill set, but are not sure how to market your services? We get it, as we have been there.

The good news is it does not have to be this way and we are excited to provide you with 3 educational platforms to suit your needs. 

North 49 Offers 3 Vestibular Therapy Educational Platforms To Meet Your Needs

Online Training

Life can be busy so online training allows you the freedom to train when you want. It also reduces the expenses related to travel and time away from family and work. 


Weekend Training

Your clinic can host a weekend course. This allows for more in-depth hands on training as there will be lab components supervised by the course instructor. Weekend training can also be used to complement our online training courses. 


Online Mentoring

Utilize the experience of our team through one-on-one video conferencing. This option allows you to address your specific needs. 


Free Training

If you are looking for practical clinical tips and/or how to grow your vestibular therapy practice, join our email subscription.

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What you can expect is a monthly email with a clinical pearl aimed at improving your clinical outcomes with patients who are dizzy. From time to time we will also provide strategies that we have found valuable to market our services as well as product reviews. 

Do not worry, we will not fill your inbox now with tons of emails. We do not like that when it happens to us and to be honest we are busy treating our own patients.

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