Vestibular Therapy Training

From time to time do you get stuck not knowing what to do about someone's dizziness? Or, you are confident in your skill set, but are not sure how to market your services? 

It does not have to be this way and we are excited to provide you several platforms to meet your needs. 

Dizziness Quiz

Trying to figure out which course to start with or take next? This quiz will help guide you to which foundational, intermediate, or advanced level courses that we have taken and personally recommend to suite your needs. 


Online and In-person Training

Online, hybrid, and in-person training, from North 49, to help advance your skill set, grow your practice, and most importantly improve your patient's quality of life.


Vestibular Ocular Library

Looking for videos of positive vestibular ocular findings to have as a reference, to test your understanding, or to show your patients? Check out our comprehensive video library. 


Monthly Email Subscription

Looking for practical tips to take your clinical skills and ability to market them to the next level? Join our FREE monthly email subscription.


"I loved this course a lot more than anticipated. I took this course thinking I'd get some baseline knowledge, but it was much more than that. This course has intrigued me to further my knowledge and take more courses in vestibular rebab."

Intro to Vestibular Therapy Hybrid Weekend Course
Sam (physical therapist)

"We enjoyed having you! The course content was invaluable. We are looking forward to applying it to our current and future vestibular patients."

Intro to Vestibular Therapy Hybrid Weekend Course
Fortius Physiotherapy & Wellness (host clinic)

"It is so much easier to understand and remember when the why’s are explained. Understanding why somethings works just makes such a difference."

A Field Guide to BPPV
Becky (physical therapist)

"This course was fantastic!! It covers everything I need to know to confidently and effectively treat BPPV in any canal. I can’t wait to start using what I learned in clinic right away."

A Field Guide to BPPV
Jennifer (physical therapist)

"I can now take a focussed history and exam, and know at least the basics of what I am dealing with and when to refer. I would recommend this course."

Understanding Dizziness 101
Heather (chiropractor)

"Although I have treated BPPV in the past, what I learned was from a colleague many years ago. Either assessment and treatment have been somewhat refined since then, or I started doing things differently on my own (I'm not too sure), but this course really helped to confirm some things I have been doing correctly, but also helped me to see where I can make improvements for better client outcomes. Excellent course! "

Understanding Dizziness 101
Rhonda (physical therapist)

North 49 Offers 3 Vestibular Therapy Educational Platforms To Meet Your Needs

Online Training

Life can be busy so online training allows you the freedom to train when you want. It also reduces the expenses related to travel and time away from family and work. 


Weekend & Hybrid Courses

Your clinic can host a weekend course. This allows for more in-depth, hands on training as there will be lab components supervised by the course instructor. Weekend training can also be used to complement our online training courses using a hybrid format. 


Online Mentoring

Utilize the experience of our team through one-on-one video conferencing. This option allows you to address your specific needs. 


Free Education

Looking for practical tips to take your clinical skills and ability to market them to the next level? Join our FREE email subscription.

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What you can expect is a monthly email containing information about various vestibular topics and clinical tips aimed at improving your outcomes with patients who are dizzy. From time to time we will also outline strategies that we have found valuable to market our services and provide product reviews.

Do not worry, we will not fill your inbox now with tons of emails. We do not like that when it happens to us and to be honest we are busy treating our own patients.

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