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Nov 14, 2020

This past fall we were asked by a university program in the USA to help them deliver an online course for their students in regards to vestibular therapy. Traditionally this course and the labs were taught by faculty or guest lecturers in person, but COVID-19 has made this a challenge. 

To address this, we thought that our Understanding Dizziness 101 online course would be the best fit. This course was initially created with the clinician in mind. However, given the demand for online training this course seemed the best option to help students with their board exams and eventual life in the clinical setting as it builds a framework, for the course participant, to assess & treat dizziness. 

The first group of students just went through our online course this week and the feedback has been super positive. This is not only great for us at North 49, but more so for the students.  

Below is feedback from a couple of the students:




It is great to see university programs and board exams having vestibular therapy as a component! This was not the case when we went to school. 

We are also excited and find it an honour to be able to work with the next generation of care providers!!

Later this month we will be working with another academic institution and are looking forward to that. 

If you would like us to develop vestibular therapy training for your academic institution, please feel to contact us at (E) [email protected] or (T) 1-306-343-7776.


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