Why Blogs Are Important

Mar 02, 2024

How Blogs Help SEO

In today's digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for the success of any medical practice, including physiotherapy clinics. A few years ago, we recognized the importance of being easily found on the web to attract new clients and when we did a search our clinic ranked high, being easily found if someone searched "physical therapy". However, with the search word "physiotherapy" we showed up on the fourth page.

Given that, we had to make some changes and one tool that has boosted our search engine optimization (SEO) or ability to be found on the web is by posting blogs using keywords such as "physiotherapy". The general experience from us and...

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3 Essential Components to Start & Grow a Vestibular Therapy Practice

Jun 12, 2023

Are you a health care provider who is interested in learning more about vestibular therapy? Or maybe, you have started treating patients with dizziness and balance problems, but would like to grow your vestibular therapy practice? If you can relate to either of these that is awesome as there is such a need in this field.

In this blog we will share 3 essential components that have been the backbone for increasing our vestibular therapy practice and seeing well over 150 new vestibular referrals a month. Using these components we have actually scaled our clinic to where we see more vestibular therapy patients than all MSK patients combined, with our number of new vestibular referrals...

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Vestibular Therapy Marketing Strategies - part 3 (wrap up)

Dec 27, 2021

In our previous two posts we reviewed vestibular therapy marketing strategies that have been key for North 49 in consistently seeing well over 100 new vestibular patients a month. The two key strategies include educating ourselves as well as educating other health care providers.

In this post we will conclude this series by covering the steps we have taken to educate the general public regarding our services, along with two X factors.

Marketing 101

Before we get too far, when it comes to vestibular therapy marketing can you relate to any of the following:

  • Feeling like you would rather not market your services as you do want to come across as being “salesy”?
  • Promoting what you...
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Vestibular Therapy Marketing Strategies - Part 1

Oct 14, 2021

What effect would an additional 20 new patients a month have on your clinic? How about 50, 75, 100, or thinking big how about over 100?

Does the hard work and time you take attending courses to improve your skills and patient outcomes automatically result in increased referrals?

Does your community have a good understanding of how you can impact their health and well-being?

If you have ever wondered about these things, you are not alone. We have wondered these things as well and would like you to be a part of our journey as we share how North 49 has been able to grow to consistently see over 100 new patterns each month with dizziness and balance issues. Over the next few months we will...

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