Announcing Our New Website for Health Care Providers Treating Dizziness & Vertigo

Sep 02, 2020

So why did we do this?

As therapists, all of us at the North 49 Balance & Dizziness Centre have been on a journey. Over the years we have seen individuals who reported being dizzy, but were not quite sure how to deal with it. To be honest some of us oldies were actually told in physical therapy school not to treat dizziness along with the other "5D's" which consisted of dizziness, dysarthria, dysphagia, double vision, and drop attacks. Interesting now, as over half of of our caseload at North 49 consists of people who are having their quality of life affected by vertigo and other forms of dizziness. 

With the lack of training early in our careers and the frequency of seeing patients with dizziness we have all taken steps to educate ourselves regarding dizziness and vertigo. Ongoing education is something we continue with to this day. Given our continued training and clinical experience we have experienced improved outcomes and clinic growth. 

To make an even bigger impact, we believe that we now need to guide other health care providers who are going through the same journey we did so they can learn from our success' and avoid our mistakes. That is why we developed our new website

We still have our original website geared toward the general public and over the next couple of weeks will link the 2 websites together. 

How does our website provide access to vestibular therapy training?

Our new website provides 3 vestibular therapy educational platforms. Each platform provides unique educational opportunities to meet your specific needs. 

Vestibular Therapy Online Training: 

This is probably what we are most excited about. With online training you can access our course material on demand, 24/7. We just developed our first online course called Understanding Dizziness 101. This is a 4 hour course that builds a framework that you can utilize to assess and manage dizziness. The course includes tons of downloads (i.e. videos, PDFs, cheat sheets, and other BONUS material) and we encourage you to check out the course info page

More courses will follow as this is just the start. 

Given COVID-19, online training is the way to go to level up your assessment and treatment skills. 

Vestibular Therapy Weekend Training:

This has been our traditional form of educating health care providers along with presenting at medical conferences. With weekend courses we can tailor a specific course to meet your needs given your past training and experience. For more information about weekend vestibular therapy training click here.

Vestibular Therapy Online Mentoring:

Have a burning question? Need some feedback? Have a patient that continues to puzzle you? Not sure how to grow or market your services?

Let us tailor one-on-one videoconferences specific to your needs and take your clinical reasoning, skills, and practice to the next level.

Click here for further details.


So, who is North 49?

North 49 is a family owned physical therapy clinic that opened in 2010. The clinic is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

If you have not heard about us and want to get to know who we are click here

For team member bios click here

It has taken us some time to figure this website out given family life, a bustling clinic, along with the constant navigation required with COVID-19. The first course is done, the website  finished, blogs started, and now onto marketing. 

We are excited as to the potential to make a bigger impact on the quality of life of those dealing with dizziness and the impact it can have on your clinic. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at  [email protected] or by telephone at 1-306-343-7776. 

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.


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